New PDF release: Analogies Teacher's Notes + Answer Key (Analogies)

By Carol Hegarty

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Have .......... was peering 9. ago 10. what (which) VI. 1. and 2. when, that 3. and 4. that, or 5. or 6. who neither ........ , nor 7. and 8. at last 9. but 10. of course 11. but 12. when 13 . with 14. where, and 15. and, but. VII. I. was ............... occupied 2. walked 3. were, am 4. has written, come 5. had been adjusted 6. turned, had been evacuated, had not been informed. 7 is, give 8. are .... .. supporting 9. given, brought 10. was. VIII. 1. (i) c (ii) g (iii) b (iv) a (v) f (vi) d (vii) c .

3. What did she do while you dozed? 4. What was he doing while she massaged? 5. What does he want? 6. Who can answer my questIOns? 7. Are you qUIte sure of it? 8. Are these all? 9. When did he escape? 10. Whom do you think of? C. 1. Was n't she? 2. Was n't it? 3. had she not? 4. did we? 5. can he? 6. did I not? 7. is there? 8. are these? 9. dId she not? 10. was he not? 11. is it not? 12. was It? D. (i) Who is it? What does he want? Why? Shall I send him in? (ii) V.!. VI. 1. VII. 1. How many servants have you?

24 (i) T (ii) the young man's series of forgetfulness and loss was unbelievable. 25. suddenly going away 26 (i) a cake of soap lying on the ground beside the bench. (ii) in search of the young man. (iii) defensive hostility. 27. a 28. the important witness to the genuineness of his story. 29. b 30. b. 31. b 32. he could honourably return the loan . 33. a week 34. the park 35 (i) the old man. (ii) a cake of soap . 36. a 37. d 38(i) yes (ii) No (iii) yes (iv) yes (v) no (vi) yes (vii) yes (viii) no (ix) yes (x) no (xi) yes (xii) yes.

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