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By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

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Based in part on the fact that there are still gaps in the known life cycle of tantulocarids following the work of Boxshall and Lincoln (1987) and Huys et al. (1993). As Grygier (pers. ’’ Newman (pers. ’’ A recent review of the Facetotecta was provided by Grygier (1996a). , by Newman, 1992), but that rank is changed to infraclass here to accommodate the constituent taxa that have been elevated to (or treated as) orders by Grygier (1987a, b) and Newman (1987, 1996), whose classifications we follow (see also Grygier, 1983a, b, 1987c, 1996b).

Treatment of ostracodes as a subclass of the Maxillopoda has additional problems as well. Wilson (1992) could not find support for placing the former within the latter based on morphological grounds (although Schram and Hof, 1998, point out errors in Wilson’s analysis that, if corrected, would indeed group ostracodes with one cluster of Maxillopoda). Abele et al. (1992) rejected the inclusion of ostracodes in the Maxillopoda on molecular grounds. Spears and Abele (1997) suggest the possibility that, based on molecular data, both Ostracoda and Maxillopoda might be paraphyletic.

Schram (1971, 1986) had argued earlier for separate status of the hoplocarids as well. ’’ Their subsequent paper (Spears and Abele, 1999b) seems (to us) to indicate somewhat stronger evidence that hoplocarids are not eumalacostracans, but the authors are suitably cautious in not saying so. Without firm indications that we should do otherwise, we have maintained separate status for the Hoplocarida and Eumalacostraca. Although a thorough cladistic analysis of fossil and extant crustacean taxa by Schram and Hof (1998) resulted in a tree that showed hoplocarids arising from somewhere within the Eumalacostraca, these authors also noted that forcing the hoplocarids into a ‘‘sister group’’ position to the Eumalacostraca increased tree length by only 1%.

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