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By Satya Prakash Tiwari

Philosophy is an total imaginative and prescient or perspective in the direction of existence and the aim of existence. it's a resolute try and comprehend and enjoy the universe as an entire, and enquire into the character of fact and truth. This e-book bargains an perception into Hindu Philosophy, with certain specialize in its rules of lifestyles and past. Tracing the starting place of lifestyles in the world, it offers the Indian spiritual view of the universe and tie. additional advancing proofs for the lifestyles of God, it offers with the six renowned colleges of Indian Philosophy - Sankhya, Yoga, Vaiseshik, Anaya, Mimansa and Vedanta. creating a comparative learn of the Western and Indian perspectives of pluralism vis- -vis monism, it additionally provides an complicated dialogue on ethics, transmigration of soul and rebirth, the hierarchy of self-realization, and salvation or Moksha.

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The pride of Self (Aharrzkara) Mind (Manas) 55 Sankhya Karika. 56 'Tanmatra'=That Only. Prasna Upani$ad, iv. 8. 57 (i)~, (ii) ~ ~~, (iii)~, (iv)~, (v)--(ix) ~ *,1~~4i, (x)-(xiv) ~ ....

7 billion years ago. • Humans and mice share a common ancestor, which lived about 50 million years ago. The Universe and the Man I 21 • Humans and new world monkeys share an ancestor, which lived about 7 million years ago. • All humans descended from a single individual 'Nho lived about 270,000 years ago. Earlier records of the existence of hominids, which probably were the base link for evolution of the present-day man, are found in fossilized forms. These support the view that hominids appeared in four to five waves comprising (i) Ramapithecus (existing about 15 million years ago) and Australopithecus (dating one to four million years ago), (ii) Pithecanthropines or Archanthropians (dating 500,000 years ago and surviving for about 350,000 years), (iii) Neanderthals or Paleanthropians (dating 100,000 years ago and lived approximately for 60,000 years).

A common man does not seem to be aware of these facts. As per Jainism, components of the universe undergo countless changes, but nothing is lost or destroyed. Everything is recycled in another form. I had been a wanderer and even when there was no need to have a shift, I myself have opted for the change from one place to another and from one status to another. I once had a feeling to go back to a suburban place where I had spent several years as an adolescent. There was a kind of nostalgia in it.

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