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The succeed in of algebraic curves in cryptography is going a long way past elliptic curve or public key cryptography but those different software components haven't been systematically lined within the literature. Addressing this hole, Algebraic Curves in Cryptography explores the wealthy makes use of of algebraic curves in quite a number cryptographic functions, corresponding to mystery sharing, frameproof codes, and broadcast encryption.

Suitable for researchers and graduate scholars in arithmetic and laptop technology, this self-contained publication is among the first to target many themes in cryptography related to algebraic curves. After offering the mandatory history on algebraic curves, the authors speak about error-correcting codes, together with algebraic geometry codes, and supply an advent to elliptic curves. each one bankruptcy within the rest of the e-book offers with a particular subject in cryptography (other than elliptic curve cryptography). the subjects coated contain mystery sharing schemes, authentication codes, frameproof codes, key distribution schemes, broadcast encryption, and sequences. Chapters start with introductory fabric ahead of that includes the appliance of algebraic curves.

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Thinking in difficulties is meant for complex undergraduate and graduate scholars within the school room or as a self-study consultant. necessities contain linear algebra and analysis.

Content point » Graduate

Keywords » research - Chebyshev platforms - Combinatorial concept - Dynamical platforms - Jacobi identities - Multiexponential research - Singular price decomposition theorems

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2 Let x and y be words of length n over an alphabet A. The (Hamming) distance from x to y, denoted by d(x, y), is defined to be the number of places at which x and y differ. 1) where xi and yi are regarded as words of length 1, and d(xi , yi ) = 1 if xi = yi 0 if xi = yi . 3 (i) Let A = {0, 1} and let x = 000000, y = 011101, z = 111111. Then d(x, y) = 4, d(y, z) = 2, d(z, x) = 6. (ii) Let A = {0, 1, 2} and let x = 1200, y = 1012, z = 0011. Then d(x, y) = 3, d(y, z) = 2, d(z, x) = 4. 4 Let x, y, z be words of length n over A.

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