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ISBN-13: 9783642665462

Emissions of gaseous air pollution have elevated within the final years even with elevated controls and predicament for air caliber. Predictions of destiny improvement additionally point out extra raise in emissions has to be anticipated. From an in depth research of gas use in traditional energy crops in and for household heating, Brocke and Schade (1971) and Schade (1975) expect that sulfur dioxide (S02) emissions within the Federal Republic of Germany increases from '3. five million t in 1969, over four. 2 million t in 1973, to four. 6 million t in 1980. Rasch (1971) predicts that emission of hydrogen chloride (HCI) from burning of wastes increases from a gift 8000 t/year to approximately one hundred thousand t in 1980. Emission of gaseous fluoride compounds, in North Rhine Westphalia on my own, are anticipated to extend from 7500 t in 1969 to 8800 t in 1985 (MAGS, 1972). related predic­ tions have additionally been made within the united states (Heggestadt and Heck, 1971). A doubling of S02 emissions from oil and especially coal-fired strength crops is anticipated among 1960 and 1980 (Wood, 1968; Lewis et aI. , 1974). whilst it's thought of that overall keep watch over of air pollution is technically and particularly economically most unlikely, it's important that, sooner or later, emissions are managed inside of a technical and fiscal framework to such an volume that ambient pollutant concentrations close to the floor current no chance to guy or his surroundings (BImSchG, 1974).

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Plants such as tobacco or broad bean (V. faba), which grow in length, also exhibit the described age-dependent leaf sensitivity. Throughout development, the lower leaves become successively more resistant than younger leaves higher up 46 Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Gaseous Air Pollutants Appar. photosynthesis 5 - accumulation in % (oldest leaf = 100) (mg CO2 / dm 2 . h ) 300 ~-k~ ';~ P. 250 . - 100 I Appar. photosynthesis ~ 5 - accumulation Leaf injury 150 Extent of leaf injury in '10 (oldest leaf =100) I 80 60 40 - ~ 25 20 29 33 38 Extent of leaf injury in '10 Appar.

Depending on the type of artificial illumination, plants react with different sensitivities to a given air pollutant. The degree of stomatal opening gives an indication as to the degree of risk of injury by a particular pollutant. It must not be overlooked, however, that there is 32 Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Gaseous Air Pollutants no linear relationship between pore size and permeability of leaves to gases (Ting and Dugger, 1968). Diffusion of a gas through stomata can be described, in a simplified form, by the following Eq.

0 34 Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Gaseous Air Pollutants S conlenl in ", of dry moUer Degree of injur y 1o r-----------------------~~--------------------------__. ----------__+ ' 0 m t---------------:O'"'''5'''" 2 Q :0: 1-____---fI:r-s__ ~---~L--~~L-~~ ll i C. 20. - _ _ -<'>-Experlmenl 2 I I,. concentration l.... 50 'I. 75 ',. 21. Influence of the concentration of various glucose solutions on the sensitivity of field bean leaves to sulfur dioxide This connection between carbohydrate content of leaves and plant sensitivity is demonstrated with the following experiment on tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum, Sterlingcross Fl) exposed to HCI (Table 8).

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