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By Nina Van Gorkom

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Is an exposition of absolute realities intimately. Abhidhamma potential larger doctrine and the book's function is to inspire the precise software of Buddhism which will get rid of incorrect view and finally all defilements. Many phrases in Pali the language of early Buddhism are used and are outlined as they're brought. the e-book is hence appropriate for novices in addition to practising Buddhists. it's special and detailed and a useful reduction to unlocking the deep that means of the complete Buddhist canon and utilizing the speculation to our day-by-day lives for the good thing about ourselves and others

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61, Bhikkhu-vagga) that the Buddha spoke to his son R¯ahula about lying. The Buddha said: ❊✈❡♥ s♦✱ ❘✠❛❤✉❧❛✱ ♦❢ ❛♥②♦♥❡ ❢♦r ✇❤♦♠ t❤❡r❡ ✐s ♥♦ s❤❛♠❡ ❛t ✐♥t❡♥t✐♦♥❛❧ ❧②✐♥❣✱ ♦❢ ❤✐♠ ■ s❛② t❤❛t t❤❡r❡ ✐s ♥♦ ❡✈✐❧ ❤❡ ❝❛♥♥♦t ❞♦✳ ❲❤❡r❡❢♦r❡✱ ❢♦r ②♦✉✱ ❘✠❛❤✉❧❛✱ ✏■ ✇✐❧❧ ♥♦t s♣❡❛❦ ❛ ❧✐❡✱ ❡✈❡♥ ❢♦r ❢✉♥✑✖t❤✐s ✐s ❤♦✇ ②♦✉ ♠✉st tr❛✐♥ ②♦✉rs❡❧❢✱ ❘✠❛❤✉❧❛✳ ¯ Lying can also be done with dosa-mula-citta and this is the case when one wants to harm someone else. As regards slandering, we all are inclined to talk about others. When there is no intention to harm the reputation of others, there is no akusala kamma-patha.

How is it possible that defilements can be accumulated? Chapter 4 The Characteristic of Lobha Cittas are of different types. They can be classified as kusala cittas (wholesome cittas), akusala cittas (unwholesome cittas), vip¯akacittas (cittas which are result) and kiriyacittas (cittas which are neither cause nor result). All these kinds of cittas arise in a day, yet we know so little about them. Most of the time we do not know whether the citta is kusala, akusala, vip¯aka or kiriya. If we learn to classify our mind we will have more understanding of ourselves and of others.

How then can there be accumulations of experiences in life, accumulations of good and bad inclinations? The reason is that each citta which falls away is succeeded by the next citta. Our life is an uninterrupted series of cittas and each citta conditions the next citta and this again the next, and thus the past can condition the present. It is a fact that our good cittas and bad cittas in the past condition our inclinations today. Thus, good and bad inclinations are accumulated. We all have accumulated many impure inclinations and defilements (in P¯ali: kilesa).

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