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MOBILE PHONES There is increasing evidence that mobile phones do have a detrimental effect on health and they should be used with some caution. Their use should be limited and they should not be pressed to the ear for long periods: a remote listening device should be used instead. Habitual users of mobile phones – particularly children and young adults – are often unaware of the potential damage they may be doing to themselves, just as they are oblivious to the intense annoyance they can cause to others by using a mobile phone in a public place.

Some managers today do genuinely care about their workforce, and seek to provide as much as is possible and practical in the way of comfort and freedom from risk. Economic factors The UK government started a massive public awareness campaign in 1995 entitled Good Health is Good Business. The aim of this campaign, which is still running, is to persuade managers that providing good health and safety procedures is not merely a legal or moral requirement but also sound financial sense. The campaign provides examples of profitable health care where the cost of implementing good practice saves money in the long term.

It was not until suppressed research information on the toxic properties of asbestos were ‘‘leaked’’ that asbestos workers became aware of the dangers and were able to demand that they be protected from the risks. Genuine caring Perhaps it was the hippie era of the 1960s that caused a shift in management consciousness about employee health. Previously there had been some individual managers who cared passionately about their workforce and provided decent health care – but they were a rarity. Some, such as Jesse Boot who founded the UK drugstore chain Boots, were indeed concerned.

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