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By Guy Debord

ISBN-10: 1905422687

ISBN-13: 9781905422685

Of the 3 self sufficient texts via man Debord incorporated the following, have been first released as pamphlets, whereas the 3rd used to be written in 1971 for inclusion in a projected 13th factor of the Situationist International's magazine which by no means seemed a result of group's dissolution.

Despite the seeming range of the topics discussed—the Watts riots in ‘The Decline and Fall of the “Spectacular” Commodity-Economy’ (1965); the disintegration of bureaucratic energy in ‘The Explosion aspect of Ideology in China’ (1967); toxins and its illustration in ‘A ailing Planet’ (1971)—all 3 texts take care of the various types of the ‘spectacle’ and its repercussions. And regardless of the dates in their composition, all 3 stay startlingly appropriate today.

—Alice Debord, 2004

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First, an attempt was made to prevent the tide of Maoist agitation from spreading beyond the universities, where 'work groups' were set up as a counter­ force, but this effort failed; the Maoists emerged onto the streets of all the larger cities and began to use wall posters and direct action to attack tar­ geted officials everywhere-and, not infrequently, committing errors and acting with an excess of zeal. The officials in question organized resistance wherever they could. In the first clashes between workers and the Red Guard, however, the workers were most likely led by Party activists in the facto­ ries who were answerable to leaders prominent in the local power structure.

Yet it seemed as though the entire population would have to be killed before the Duarte Bridge could be cleared of hu­ manity. , returned from Florida. That evening the assault ship USS Boxer reached Santo Domingo with fifteen hundred Marines on board. Marcel Niedergang, Le Monde, 21 May and 5 June 1965 31 GUY DEBORD expands, however, blacks present problems of life: what they demand is not to survive but to live. They have nothing of their own to insure; they might as well destroy all forms of private security and insurance known hitherto.

The spectacle is a drug for slaves. It is not supposed to be taken literally, but followed at just a few paces; if it were not for this tiny distance, it would become total mystification. The fact is that in the United States today whites are enslaved to commodities while blacks negate them. Blacks ask for more than whites that is the core of an in­ - soluble problem, or rather a problem soluble only through the dissolution of the white social system. This is why those whites who want to escape their own servitude must needs rally to the black cause, not in a solidarity based on colour, obviously, but in a global rejection of commodities and, in the last analysis, of the state.

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