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In many cases, regardless of their hanging position, any instruments primarily assigned to provide illumination onto a backdrop or goods is still often called a drop wash. Overhead Template Wash Other systems are named using a direction and a modifier. A template wash refers to a system of light that, rather than a smooth blended wash, is “broken up” or textured. A template wash can be focused towards a piece of scenery or a backdrop and assigned that name: the “mountain template wash,” or the “sky temps,” for example.

One rough rule of thumb used is that each 1000watt instrument is roughly equivalent to 10 amps. ) Using that rough yard stick, how many 1000-watt instruments can be plugged into a 12-pack of 20-amp dimmers? 12 times 20-amp dimmers equals 240 amps. So, using the 10 amp rule of thumb, the rough answer? 24-1000watt instruments should not overload the dimmer pack. (In reality, 24 × 1000-watt instruments, divided by 110 volts, equals 218 amps. ) Rule of thumb two: How many amps are needed to power 15-1000-watt instruments?

If there’s room in the air, another row of the same kinds of instruments is hung across a batten to create an overhead striplight electric. Striplights can also be 14 ● A Practical guide to stage lighting mounted on vertical booms, adjacent to the sides of the goods. In that arrangement, the same instruments are then collectively called vertical toning strips, or VTS’s. If the goods consist of an opaque painted drop, the entire overhead striplight electric and the striplight groundrow are shifted to the downstage side of the goods, in order to light the face of the drop.

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