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But, I was able to learn after that about history. All these things taught me how we needed a political practice in society that would be a permanent process for freedom, which would include an education that liberates. Ira How can these lessons help teachers and students in their transformation? Paulo For transformation, we need first of all to understand the social context of teaching, and then ask how this context distinguishes liberating education from traditional methods. Let me begin again with the important point I became clear on after the coup: education per se is not the lever of revolutionary transformation.

It was part of the mass mobilization and had to be restricted. This suggests that education's role in social transformation was very significant at that moment. Paulo That's very interesting. Maybe now I should say that precisely because education should be the lever for social transformation, it cannot be! Ira You mean that it will not be allowed to be what it should be? The elite forces in society will not permit education to transform the political structure? Paulo Yes! (Laughing) If education could only have a conversation with biology, for example, and say, I have to understand how limited I am obliged to be because of the political limits I am not allowed to go beyond, then the living game of social limits would be easier to see!

Another point is that education is a moment in which you seek to convince yourself of something and you try to convince others of something. For example, if I am not convinced of the need to change racism, I cannot be an educator who convinces you. No matter what a teacher's politics, each course points in a certain direction, towards some convictions about society and knowledge. The selection of materials, the organization of study, the relations of discourse, are all shaped around the teacher's convictions.

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