Mired in myth and mystery, mostly misunderstood, Bhutan has always been an intriguing country in the minds of many. Traveling to Bhutan is just about getting in touch with a local travel agency, who will make the logistics as seamless as possible. Key process is underlined below for your understanding.

Its worth spending some time finding and choosing a reliable operator for your trip. There is long list of tour operators in the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s official site. Though all are officially registered tour operators, the degree of services and offers that they provide differs which you can enquire by corresponding with the tour operator. You can contact the tour operator by visiting their official website and dropping an enquiry or sending them emails. You write to them what you want and see how they respond to you. Be your own judge and listen to your instincts. Once you have had chosen your operator, proceed with rest of the steps.

Discuss with your tour operator about the right time to visit Bhutan, asper your liking. Western part of Bhutan is good to tour all the year round. We have number of well-crafted Itineraries to choose from. Check our special offer packages. If you want something different, we can customize it based on your interest and time frame. Be it a festival, a farmhouse visit, meeting local astrologer, traditional hot stone bath or new treks – we can all customize for you.

Payments AND Confirmation
After the Itinerary has been finalised and flights have been confirmed, you are required to make full payment. Tourism in Bhutan is highly regulated by the government. As per the government rule, you will have to send full payment in advance. Your visa sanction is subject to full advance payment. And that’s it. You can now start packing your bags with an assured mind that we will be eagerly waiting to receive and serve you in Bhutan.

One Last Thing
After your package has been confirmed and you are ready to board, we will provide you with a Pre-Departure Checklist (PDC). The PDC will help you in prepare better before start your trip to Bhutan. PDC will contains detail information on what kind of weather to expect, what occasion/festival are will be during your visit (if any), the details of the assigned travel guide, vehicle and driver,etc… It will also contain a basic travel check-list.
Welcome to Bhutan.